Diggers Online England

A simpler, quicker way to hire diggers online

Diggers Online offer a streamlined way to book small plant hire. Simply select which digger you want, book your hire period, send your I.D and get digging!

We cover across England, offering a competitive pricing that’s perfect for private hire. Not only is our pricing competitive, it also includes a tank of fuel, insurance, delivery & pickup.

How it works:

  1. Choose a digger & any extra equipment.
  2. Book your hire period & pay.
  3. Send a photo of your drivers license, a photo of a recent utility bill & a photo of yourself holding your licence. 
  4. Receive your digger & start digging!

A minimum of 3 days lead time is required. A security deposit is required.

Book online special offer: 10% discount applied to prices!

Price includes delivery & collection

Price includes a full tank of

Price includes comprehensive insurance

Price includes a range of bucket attachments


For the tightest of spaces. Book your Micro-Excavator today, available for ‘24-hour’, ‘weekend’ or ‘weekly’ hire.

Micro-Digger-Hire UK


Plenty for most domestic / private work. Book your Mini-Excavator today, available for ‘24-hour’, ‘weekend’ or ‘weekly’ hire.

Looking for something bigger?

If you’re looking for bigger excavators, please get in touch. Larger excavators are available (up to 30 ton), but not through our online bookings.

Looking for other plant/equipment or can’t find what you’re looking for?

We have a wide range of equipment available through our parent brand, Independent Hire. Learn more from the Independent Hire website.

Get In Touch: 01245 224 211